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fat burning foods
Posted Oct 27, 2017

Bring in the words low-cholesterol and people believe that it’s healthy. Talk about high fats and some will think that it clearly should be avoided.

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fitness meals delivery
6 tips to make Paleo eating easy + affordable
Posted Oct 28, 2017

You’d think that if it origins from the Palaeolithic era, it ought to be cheap, right? Sadly, our economy has made processed food far cheaper than healthy

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low carb diet plan
5 simple and healthy gluten-free recipes for your breakfast
Posted Oct 29, 2017

Gluten-free isn’t just a fad. It’s a lifestyle that has been widely accepted for generations. You may have eaten gluten-free without realising so.

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  • Fitlicious works for both me and my clients.

    "I spend so many hours in the gym, it becomes tough at times to follow my own advice to my clients – make time for healthy food. Thanks to Fitlicious, I’m able to follow a healthy lifestyle. I recommend it to all my clients!"

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    Shafeeq Ahmed, Gym Trainer, Fitness4U
  • Eating healthy after so many years.

    "I work in the Australian shift which means I leave for work before the break of dawn and return in the afternoon. I cannot tell you how hard it is to cook then. Ensuring that it is healthy is even more difficult. But for the past 3 months, I have not worried about it. Fitlicious ensures that healthy food enters my system all the time."

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    Nandini Ananth, IT Professional
  • Looking good, tasting good, feeling good!

    "Weight loss for me has always been difficult. I have tried many types of diet and I have failed miserably. Their demands are impossible and impractical. It’s only with Fitlicious that I have been eating a balanced diet that is easy to follow and am finally feeling good about myself."

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    Shamitha Kumar, PR Consultant


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