Posted November 01, 2017

5 foods that sound healthy, but aren’t.

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Bring in the words low-cholesterol and people believe that it’s healthy. Talk about high fats and some will think that it clearly should be avoided. Fitlicious will debunk these myths and let you know which are the 5 foods you should seriously steer clear from… [Read more]

Posted October 30, 2017

6 tips to make Paleo eating easy + affordable

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You’d think that if it origins from the Palaeolithic era, it ought to be cheap, right? Sadly, our economy has made processed food far cheaper than healthy, natural ingredients. Don’t worry; with locally-sourced ingredients and these 6 tips, you can still be on the Paleo diet without mortgaging your jewellery! … [Read more]

Posted October 29, 2017

5 simple and healthy gluten-free recipes for your breakfast

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Gluten-free isn’t just a fad. It’s a lifestyle that has been widely accepted for generations. You may have eaten gluten-free without realising so. And if you’re curious about trying it out, here are 5 simple recipes for you to experiment with...[Read more]